ulaluma (ulaluma) wrote,

the ocean of creativity

I've been immersed in a second round of songs, due (whenever it's complete) as album #2.

This doesn't mean the painting will stop. Not ever. Never, ever.

In fact, the music will only serve to enhance my art. When I compose songs, the desire to create more visual art increases. When I compose songs, the visual ideas flow more freely.

Consider my music a sound-interpretation of my visual art. One reinforces the other. And both come from the same ocean of creativity. All I know is that when I dive into that vast ocean, I never come up empty-handed. And often, what I find there might surprise.

As with the visions, the songs have been encapsulated within for far too long. I'd been playing piano (by ear) since childhood, and have been greatly influenced by music for as long as I can remember. So it's little wonder that the visions, like shapeshifters, begin to do a little dance of metamorphosis.

Visions become sounds, become visions, become sounds...
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