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curiosity leads to profound discoveries

Ever since I can remember, I've been fascinated with the other side. From shadows in the hallway, to figures standing over my bed, to hearing my name being called by disembodied voices, one question would always lead to ten more. I've had some fantastic experiences throughout my life in the name of spirits, but recently, my mind was officially blown.

Last weekend, I flew into San Antonio, Texas, to meet with friends Michelle Brown and Andy Coppock, who were conducting a paranormal gathering. Andy, a quantum physicist, has been developing an ITC device (Instrumental Transcommunication) which allows us to speak with those who have crossed over. The machine uses electromagnetic energy, and was born from ideas that sprouted forth from a ghost hunt. To add to the magic of this, a variant of Andy's device is being tested and used as a means of communication for autistic children, and possible treatments for Epilepsy and Parkinson's.

The ITC device Andy created, in which he calls the 'probe', is a real-time two-way machine of communication with those in parallel/alternate dimensions. And when I say real-time two-way communication, it means actual back-and-forth conversations with ghosts by which everyone in the room can hear and take part in. Kind of like talking on a telephone, except that the ghost (from what I could tell) is present with us in the very same space -- sitting right there with us on the sofa, so to speak.

The first ghostly voice I heard through this device was that of Don, a young ghost who's been very helpful toward Andy and Michelle whenever they use the device.

"Who's there?" asked Michelle. When a ghost/spirit approaches the probe, it begins to buzz. The ghost/spirit can proceed to talk into the device, for all to hear.
"Hi," greeted a ghost.
(This was about the time when my jaw hit the floor.)
"Who are we speaking to?" asked Michelle.
'It's Don. Hi."
It was a whispery, male voice, as clear as a bell. Right there in front of us. Talking. Listening. Answering. A real, live ghost, speaking to us exactly the way he would have when he was still in our dimension.

All through the night, and into the hours of the peaceful morning, ghosts would come, and ghosts would go. Males, females, adults, children. Those from the victorian-era, those from the 1950s, those from the 1990s -- so many beautiful ghosts paid us a visit, spoke with us, and touched our hearts. The more I witnessed, the more intrigued I became. The more the spirits said, the more questions I had, and the more amazement I felt.

One of the most beautiful mysteries which has come from this, and that will always remain with me, is a common thread most of these ghosts touched upon. They would inform us that "it's beautiful here." They would inform us that "time is different here." And their very presence, in the here and now, would remind our hearts and spirits that life is filled with magic and beauty. And that curiosity leads to profound discoveries. And that it's possible to go from simply 'believing' to 'utterly knowing' within a moment's time.

I've been reawakened and re-energized. Thank you, Michelle and Andy. I'm reminded that anything is possible, and that love is the strongest force in the Universe. Let's continue down the rabbit hole, shall we?

If you'd like to know more about Andy and Michelle, I highly recommend bookmarking their website: http://www.boldlygobeyond.com
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