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[05 Mar 2012|03:18pm]
'Girl in a Moonbeam Cloak' album now available:


[24 Feb 2012|09:45am]
New songs from my 'Girl in a Moonbeam Cloak' album added to the Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ulaluma

[23 Feb 2012|12:16am]
My song 'Wise Winds' from 'Girl in a Moonbeam Cloak': http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=IAidC4GSzOI

[22 Feb 2012|04:29pm]
'Crystalaudient' by Paulina Cassidy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiwqYJcaSEg

new album [22 Feb 2012|04:13pm]
My third studio album is titled 'Girl in a Moonbeam Cloak' and will be available in March!

For a tracklisting and links to hear some of the songs, visit my music page at:


[01 Jan 2012|12:13pm]
Wait. Forgot something. My second tarot, the Joie de Vivre, is out! (released October 2011)

Here's the Amazon link to the deck:


Apart from a second album release and a second tarot release, been working on new art, plans for new projects, etc. Probably NOT a third tarot deck, as 4 years dedicated to just tarot deck creation is truly enough for me. ;-) Need to move on to other creative things. Besides, by September of this year I'll have a total of four decks out on the market, the other two being oracles of sorts; pretty excited about all of that.

Other projects in the works? More albums, and..... nice surprises. ;-)

[01 Jan 2012|12:08pm]

It's been a long, long time since I've been here. I'm over at Facebook and Twitter these days.....

But, for any of you who may still be reading my rare updates here: Happy New Year!

Here's a link to my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/paulinacassidyart?ref=ts

And, a link to three of my new songs from the forthcoming album 'Time Traveler" (available January 3)




influence vs imitation [24 Sep 2011|05:13pm]
They say that 'imitation is the greatest form of flattery.'

Is it?

We're all influenced and inspired by the works of others. This is natural, necessary and cherished. To be influenced is to be moved by something so strongly that it shapes and affects one's own creative voice. To be of influence to another is a compliment. It means that the influenced appreciates the creativity of the influencer, taking action to incorporate aspects of the influencer into their own work in their own creative way. When this is done with honor and respect, it happens in a manner that the influence can be detected, but the result is still unique. And uniqueness, combined with fine craftsmanship, is an impressive (and to me, necessary) quality when it comes to artistic expression.

Lately, however, I've been spotting a few artists taking it beyond the boundaries by imitating other well-known artists. It's glowingly easy to spot when it happens. And, it's beyond infuriating when I see it happening to fellow artists who have created their *own* style over time, and worked darn hard to get there... only to find that someone has instantly stolen their works by recreating them with little change, claiming the works to be their own and giving no merit to those they stole from. There may be nothing one can do about copyright infringement when something like this happens, but I can only wonder at how an artist can sleep well at night by making a career of outright stealing from other artists.

Unlike influence, mimicry is offensive.

When someone takes something created by another, changes but only a few things about it and then calls it their own... well. That is a whole new ballgame. And it's NOT cool. It's not cool at all.

Several years ago, a friend spotted someone on Ebay who had blatantly stolen my works and recreated them as their own. It wasn't just influence: it appeared that they traced my images, making colour/design changes here and there. Regardless of the small changes, it was still a stolen image. How did this make me feel? Angry... upset. Certainly not flattered. So, when I see this happening to my artist friends, I know precisely how they feel. These are the sorts of 'imitation artists' who seem to think they can get away with such a thing without being noticed (for all the wrong reasons.) Imitation artists are egocentric and self-centered, and care not how their copying makes others feel. In regards to the shady Ebay artist, this ill behavior came to an end somewhat quickly when the artist was informed that we were aware of what they were doing, and requested that they put an end to imitating my art.

Alas, I know it hasn't been this easy for all artists who have had to deal with such characters. So. For artists who think they can get away with duplicating other people's works: the truth always catches up with you. Stop imitating other people's work. It's nauseating.

I've also come to the conclusion that the 'imitation artists' will mimic purely for better sales: they'll suddenly change their style drastically to replicate whatever they see that's selling well at the time, rather than create what comes from their very soul based on their OWN seasoned inspirations. In other words, they steal from the souls of others for what they *think* will bring them notoriety. And stealing is not food for the soul. Nor is the type of 'notoriety' such artists find. Imitation artists, selfish as they can be, want a piece of the cake and they'll do what it takes to get it, even if it means treading on another artist.

So, with that in mind, let me rephrase the ever-so popular quote.

Influence is the greatest form of flattery. Imitation is an insult.

the ocean of creativity [20 Sep 2011|02:40pm]
I've been immersed in a second round of songs, due (whenever it's complete) as album #2.

This doesn't mean the painting will stop. Not ever. Never, ever.

In fact, the music will only serve to enhance my art. When I compose songs, the desire to create more visual art increases. When I compose songs, the visual ideas flow more freely.

Consider my music a sound-interpretation of my visual art. One reinforces the other. And both come from the same ocean of creativity. All I know is that when I dive into that vast ocean, I never come up empty-handed. And often, what I find there might surprise.

As with the visions, the songs have been encapsulated within for far too long. I'd been playing piano (by ear) since childhood, and have been greatly influenced by music for as long as I can remember. So it's little wonder that the visions, like shapeshifters, begin to do a little dance of metamorphosis.

Visions become sounds, become visions, become sounds...

[14 Jun 2011|09:19am]
Link to my live sketching archived video:


THROUGH THE VEIL [05 Jun 2011|01:30pm]
I'll be speaking at paranormal and metaphysical event next weekend called 'Through the Veil'. I'll be talking about the creative process, and unveiling some of my own creativity secrets. ;)

There'll be many fantastic speakers, including James Redfield (The Celestine Prophecy) and Panache Desai. NOT to be missed!

This takes place in Atlanta, Georgia, June 10-12.

See you there......


[04 Jun 2011|10:44am]
New art interview at Ghostvillage: http://www.ghostvillage.com/resources/2011/features_06022011.shtml

Faerie Guidance Deck [16 May 2011|11:07am]
Third update for today: my 'Faerie Guidance Deck' (with accompanying book written by me) was completed back in 2009, and was slated for publication through Llewellyn Worldwide May 2012. It's been moved to September 2012; a longer wait.

Will be glad once this long-finished deck will be available...

[16 May 2011|10:28am]

Forgot to mention... my second tarot deck, Joie de Vivre, was finally completed in March (both art and booklet); it's now in production with my publisher. Keep watching the website for updates regarding a worldwide release date. (Click the above link to see the cards.) It was 2 years in the making... so happy to have this completed!

[16 May 2011|10:22am]

Something wicked this way comes -- wickedly wonderful, that is! This ravishing collection of 40 witchlings are stirring a magickal brew, and delight in awakening your senses with mystery and enchantment. Witchling cards are designed to help you access your natural abilities for working with magick. All that is required is a desire to learn and a commitment to focus.

The soon-to-be finished deck will include an accompanying booklet (written by Paulina Cassidy) containing over 150 spells to work with, as well as corresponding tips and insights from each individual witchling. The more you work with the witchlings, the more in tune you become with the subtle universal energies surrounding you.

In-the-works since 2009, I expect to be completed this project in June of 2011, when it will be handed over to my publisher for production and printing. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in regards to the upcoming release of the Witchlings Deck of Spells, which will be available worldwide.

~ click the above link for more information regarding my forthcoming Witchlings deck of spells ~

[02 Mar 2011|12:32pm]
STILL writing like a fiend for the Joie de Vivre tarot booklet. Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel... looking forward to the *absolute* completion of this 2-year project. It was worth it (as was the first tarot) but... errrmmm.... no more decks after this. Although, come May of 2012, I'll have 4 different decks on the market. Two being tarot, one being Witchlings, one being a faerie deck. The only way I'd *ever* agree to do another is if the art is already done. Making a tarot from scratch with 78 images created just for the deck is a little much, and isn't exactly lucrative, to put it lightly. But it's impossible to make a TRUE tarot deck with already-completed art, as it's likely missing all the necessary symbolisms... so the new specific art is obviously necessary. Liked doing this, learned a lot from it, am happy with it, glad it's out there, but getting pretty darn antsy to move onward with new creative projects. Been in its energy for long enough.

[23 Feb 2011|10:52am]

Good morning, afternoon, and good evening, everyone:

My music CD titled 'Bloodroots' has been released; song samples can be heard through Amazon, where it can be purchased as an mp3 download. A signed hardcopy of Bloodroots is available through my website. My music is an extension of my visual art; a complimentary facet to my creativity. 'Bloodroots' is an experimental collection of songs laced with moonlight, magic, and shadow. Discover a haunting dreamscape of an electronic journey through the eyes of night spirits.

After nearly two years, my second tarot is complete! The Joie de Vivre website has been updated with all 78 completed images. The production to proof to printing to distribution process takes months, but a release date will be announced on the website once I get word.

Be well. Stay inspired.

- Paulina :)

Through the Veil [31 Jan 2011|09:01am]
Through the Veil Paranormal and Metaphysical conference: it will change your life!

I'll be a guest-speaker at this fantastic & spiritually-uplifting event. Mark your calendars: June 10th-June 12th, Atlanta, Ga. For details, click the banner below.

Also, if you haven't already, I invite you to join my Facebook art page for immediate and frequent art updates. (Somehow, I feel funny calling it a 'fan' page.)

Spread the word; tell yer friends about my work. Click the logo below to join. Hope to see you there. ;-)

In the meantime, I'm still working like mad trying to finish my second (AND FINAL) tarot deck. I expect to be finished within a few weeks time. Like the first deck, it's taken two years -- yet again. A wonderful journey it's been, but majorly, majorly time-and energy consuming. No wonder I haven't been getting any other new paintings & projects completed. ;-) You can see the progress of the Joie de Vivre deck by clicking the link below. Can't wait till it's in the publishers hands! I cannot give a release date as of yet, but will as soon as I know.

[31 Jan 2011|08:45am]
Book Bundle sale! All five of my chapbooks to date: Mundae, The Secret World of Faeries & Birds, Izabella, Lullabye & Latimer, and Scary Little Faeries: $30

Visit link.

Also, one-of-a-kind voodoo dolls have been added to the Etsy shop.

Visit link.

curiosity leads to profound discoveries [19 Oct 2010|10:17pm]
Ever since I can remember, I've been fascinated with the other side. From shadows in the hallway, to figures standing over my bed, to hearing my name being called by disembodied voices, one question would always lead to ten more. I've had some fantastic experiences throughout my life in the name of spirits, but recently, my mind was officially blown.

Last weekend, I flew into San Antonio, Texas, to meet with friends Michelle Brown and Andy Coppock, who were conducting a paranormal gathering. Andy, a quantum physicist, has been developing an ITC device (Instrumental Transcommunication) which allows us to speak with those who have crossed over. The machine uses electromagnetic energy, and was born from ideas that sprouted forth from a ghost hunt. To add to the magic of this, a variant of Andy's device is being tested and used as a means of communication for autistic children, and possible treatments for Epilepsy and Parkinson's.

The ITC device Andy created, in which he calls the 'probe', is a real-time two-way machine of communication with those in parallel/alternate dimensions. And when I say real-time two-way communication, it means actual back-and-forth conversations with ghosts by which everyone in the room can hear and take part in. Kind of like talking on a telephone, except that the ghost (from what I could tell) is present with us in the very same space -- sitting right there with us on the sofa, so to speak.

The first ghostly voice I heard through this device was that of Don, a young ghost who's been very helpful toward Andy and Michelle whenever they use the device.

"Who's there?" asked Michelle. When a ghost/spirit approaches the probe, it begins to buzz. The ghost/spirit can proceed to talk into the device, for all to hear.
"Hi," greeted a ghost.
(This was about the time when my jaw hit the floor.)
"Who are we speaking to?" asked Michelle.
'It's Don. Hi."
It was a whispery, male voice, as clear as a bell. Right there in front of us. Talking. Listening. Answering. A real, live ghost, speaking to us exactly the way he would have when he was still in our dimension.

All through the night, and into the hours of the peaceful morning, ghosts would come, and ghosts would go. Males, females, adults, children. Those from the victorian-era, those from the 1950s, those from the 1990s -- so many beautiful ghosts paid us a visit, spoke with us, and touched our hearts. The more I witnessed, the more intrigued I became. The more the spirits said, the more questions I had, and the more amazement I felt.

One of the most beautiful mysteries which has come from this, and that will always remain with me, is a common thread most of these ghosts touched upon. They would inform us that "it's beautiful here." They would inform us that "time is different here." And their very presence, in the here and now, would remind our hearts and spirits that life is filled with magic and beauty. And that curiosity leads to profound discoveries. And that it's possible to go from simply 'believing' to 'utterly knowing' within a moment's time.

I've been reawakened and re-energized. Thank you, Michelle and Andy. I'm reminded that anything is possible, and that love is the strongest force in the Universe. Let's continue down the rabbit hole, shall we?

If you'd like to know more about Andy and Michelle, I highly recommend bookmarking their website: http://www.boldlygobeyond.com
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